Friday, January 1, 2010

Our Adoption Story

Our adoption story...

To read about our adoption of Anna Li click here.

Adopting Anna Li was one of the greatest moments of my life. There are no words to describe the love I have for this child. I will be forever thankful to God for allowing me to be her mother for 16 precious months. Some may look at our story and think what a tragedy but I am here to say you couldn't be more wrong. Sometimes God calls us to do things and they don't always have the ending you would expect. As humans we want to think where did I go wrong because it didn't turn out as we planned. As Christians, we must realize God's plan is not always our plan, God's plan is not always easy, but God's plan is always perfect. God is doing amazing things in my life as well as Anna Li's. It brings me great joy to see her heart shine so bright for Jesus. She is never ashamed to share Him with others. She plants the seed and has faith that someone else will come along and water it. Christ's name is being glorified my friends... there is no tragedy in that.

I would be more afraid to not do what the Lord has called me to do than to be afraid of what the Lord has called me to do. I was warned by many not to adopt an older child "it would ruin my life."  Those 16 precious months were the hardest of my life and yet I never felt closer to God nor heard his voice so clearly as I did then. God placed Anna Li in our lives for a season to open our eyes to His will for us. He placed her right where He needed her and He is doing great things through her. His name is being glorified and that my friends is far from "ruining my life"

Would I adopt an older child again? YES, YES, YES! If the Lord called me to I would. It is an honor and a gift from God! 

Will we adopt again......

for that you will have to stay tuned!  

To meet our extended family (Anna Li's family) click here
Lord willing, we will bring home our son, Nathaniel, summer 2012! He will be 8 months younger than Dylan meaning we will be the proud parents of two 2-year olds next year:) 


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