Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

A day of remembrance for our fallen heroes



will remember those who given their lives 

for our freedom.


will lift those up in prayer 

who are fighting 


so that we can continue to
enjoy that freedom.

May the Lord bless each of you serving today.
I pray His protection upon you. 


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LWB Formula Fundraiser

I am involved in a 
well known organization
Love Without Boundaries

We are having a Formula Fundraiser Campaign
that will help supply specialized formula for babies that cannot tolerate the 
regular formula offered in the Chinese Orphanages.

Our goal is to raise $2000.00 by next Monday!
Can you help make it happen?

All you have to do is visit 
and make a $10 donation to the Nutrition Program.

I am also making a donation on behalf of all my blog followers. 
So, if you visit my site make sure you add your name to 
my blog followers on the right!
$1.00 donation will be made for each follower
up to $250!

Join in the fun and help 
these children today!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Graduate

Colin Michael Gray
Mrs. Melinda's Class
4 Year Preschool
First Baptist Church

My Little Man Graduated 4 Year Preschool This Week!!!!!
He did an awesome job!
We thank Mrs. Melinda so much for all the hard work she did.
Mrs. Melinda, you're the best:) 

Colin is the one behind the boy in the yellow shirt. 
We had a beautiful reception after the graduation.

Lookout Kindergarten... 
Here I come! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Special Friends

I have some very
special friends 
traveling to China today
to bring home their 
5 year old daughter.

Follow along and you will see just how 
special these folks are
to me:)
(Then click on the Travel Blog Icon)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mini Vacation

During my vacation something really great happened..... 
Chad got a call back from one of his job interviews!
He went to interview with the President of the college 
and it went really good!
We made a mini vacation out of it and took the kids fishing and canoeing.
It is a beautiful place!
Now we are just playing the waiting game...
Whether he gets it or not..
it was a great honor to make it to the final 3 and  I am so proud of him.
He loves teaching and he is so good at it. 
It is not a job to him but a passion. 
He is a wonderful man:)

Here are some pictures from our trip... enjoy!

Our Home School Experience


I have enjoyed teaching Bethany so much this year.
It has been a difficult year for all of us but we are strong and closer than ever.
We have met so many people,
been so many places,
and learned so many things together as a family!

As we finish up our home school experience
this is some of Bethany's accomplishments this year:

Read almost 40 books
(and I am talking about really difficult books... not an easy read)

Many visits to the Birmingham Museum of Art

Created the following Science experiments:
Made Stalactites and Stalagmites
Identified Different Minerals
Made a Geological Collection
Experiment with Igneous Rocks

Attended the following plays at Birmingham Children's Theater:
3 Billy Goats Gruff
The Lion, the With, and The Wardrobe
Wizard of Oz

Attended a Tennis Clinic at FBC

Went to a rodeo and roped a baby goat!


Our big finale was going to the
Mathematics and Science Expo at the University of Auburn
where she built a small motor, made a kaleidoscope, attended a lecture on raptors, and made a necklace with her own DNA.

Oh how I would love to continue this journey but
I can't work and home school. It is just too much for us all.
Bethany is ready to go back to school and be with her friends.
No worries, we will not be attending the school that caused us so much grief:)

Bethany will be starting off her summer right by attending
She will wake up each morning to horse riding, canoe riding , hiking, rock climbing, zip lining, and of course much, much swimming.

I am so thankful my daughter gets to experience so many things.
She is THE sweetest child
and deserves the best out of life:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

AU Explore 2010

This is our group that we met up with on the day of our meet.
Great People + Great Place= Great Fun
We took this picture after our "Small Motors" class.
Bethany rocked (as always) and made one of the best motors in the class!
Bethany in the "DNA Class" where we all made our very own
DNA into a necklace.... pretty cool stuff!
We then attended the "Raptor Class" and learned really cool stuff about raptors.
Did you know they clocked the falcon at 223 mph!! Amazing!

We also attended a Physics class but we were having SO much fun that I forgot to take pictures!
We got to make our very own kaleidoscopes and we learned the difference
between the colors in physics and the colors in art!
I got one of the ladies to take a picture of us
before we said our goodbyes and parted from the group.
After all the fun, Bethany and I walked around the campus for a few photo ops!
It is now official! Bethany has made her decision...
She will be attending AU after high school!
(Now, lets see... that gives me seven more years to SAVE!!!!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Girl's Road Trip


Tonight Bethany and I are headed to Auburn University!

We are attending the
College of Sciences and Mathematics.

Stay tune for pictures!!