Monday, December 19, 2011

An Update:)

Jump on over to our adoption blog to see what's happening:)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 Colin and Bethany were so excited to finally meet their newest cousin
 Isn't she cute!

 Cannon, Colin, and Eli always have blast when they're together!

 Dylan is crazy about his little cousin Joel. He wants to pick him up...
 or sit on him, pin him down, and give him a big ole' kiss!

and there is always time for a little Auburn football!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A little over a year ago I clearly heard the Lord saying
"you spend too much time watching tv and not enough time with me."

I didn't want to hear that
(although I knew it was true.)
I chose to ignore it for awhile
but soon surrendered....

I called my satellite provider
I cancelled my service
(without even telling my hubby)!

Its been over a year
no satellite
no rabbit ears
just static on the tv screen
(if you were to turn it on)

Yes, we still watch a few shows on the Internet
movies from Red Box now and then
it is no longer the back ground noise in our house
it is quiet

Without the tv being a constant in our lives
we have a lot more time to grow in Christ.

a lot more time
 for Chad and I to work on our relationship as husband and wife.

a lot more time
to spend with our children

a lot more time
to just enjoy our family

I am not sure it if will stay off forever
but for now, it is clearly the best thing for us!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Year Complete

Dylan finished his first year of preschool. It took 1/2 the year to adjust. I left him everyday screaming and crying but sure enough by the end of the year he was walking in like a big boy ready to start his day. 

 Colin graduated from Kindergarten and Bethany, my sweet Bethany 
graduated from 6th grade. Good bye elementary school and hello 
middle school... oh how scary!

 So sad to see her grow up so fast 
but overjoyed to know 
that she picks wonderful Christian friends 
to share her childhood with. 
 Oh how I pray for these girls as they enter middle school together. 
Praying they continue to make good life choices, stay true to themselves, and always be a source of encouragement to each other to live a Godly life. 
After graduation the girls got to hang out with each other at the local DQ. 
So sad I had to go back to work and miss out on the fun:(

Congratulations to my precious children!!
I am so proud of each of you! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Field Day, Luau, and a Silly Kid

Part 2 of catching up!
I managed to sneak away from work long enough
to spend some time with my little man Colin
on field day.

Turns out the boy is a master hula hooper:)

His class did the cutest little P.E. dance routine
that ended with them all on the ground! 

They also had an end of the year luau. 
Colin with his on again off again
best friend
(kids are like that:))

 Colin has been very much a ladies man this year... 
all the girls have had their turn as his "girl friend" 
this year...sigh:/ 
Little did they all know his heart was with a certain 
kindergarten teacher...
that he often replied to as "hot" (oh my...)
to end this post
is the most goofiest kid ever!! 
He never wants to look at me when I take his picture.
Most of his pictures are actually blurred 
from him running away.
The boy just can't be still.

on this particular day...
He not only looked at me...
he posed.
Silly kid!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Part 1 of Playing Catch Up

So I finally found just a moment to download the last 300 pictures off my camera onto the computer
yea me:)

Part 1 

Easter Morn

Dylan's favorite pass time... fixing the lawn mower

Celebrating Earth Day at the Botanical Gardens 

Colin celebrating Earth Day at the Botanical Gardens

Dylan discovered deo... he can't reach those arm pits so his belly will do just fine:) 

The boy loves to swing.. the higher the better!

My sister and I at National Scrapbook Day

I gotta tee tee!! That's what he says when he wants to sit on the potty...
no, he is not potty trained... just likes to climb on the potty.

The boy keeps us laughing!
stay tuned...
part 2 is on the way!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers and Music:)

Hi friends!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!!

I am a blessed mother of many
I have the most wonderful Christian Mom:)

We had a girls day out on Saturday
my sister and I took our girls and our mom out for lunch and some shopping!

Speaking of fun...
I have been introduced to some new tunes
from an up and coming Christian artist out of Florida.

You are going to LOVE it!
Check it out:

Once you go to the link above you simply click the Robert Pierre EP image to open the online player.

You will see the 4 songs available: (simply click on the song you'd like to listen too)

Our family favorite was "Identity!"
It puts out a great message for the youth of today. Robert sings about teens facing the typical teen pressures and how being strong in Christ is the most important thing in life. Identifying with Christ will help to overcome those pressures. Instead of joining in with the world, these teens are able to witness to their friends because they identify with Christ.

His music was uplifting and encouraging!
I loved his music and loved him even more
after watching
YouTube video of him:)

You can also find him on facebook:

I would love to share a mini bio of Robert with you:
“Robert Pierre is an 18-year-old with a big voice and an even bigger heart; a talented

musician and a singer-songwriter who has managed to juggle a music career with his

high school honors course work. Robert grew up in a Christian home and knew about

Christ all his life, but it wasn't until he was confronted by a teacher in seventh grade

that he gave his life to Christ. "He looked at me and asked me one simple question,"

Robert explained, "He asked,''If you were to die right now, and were standing at the

gates of heaven, and God asked you why He should let you in... what would you say?'

And all I could think to answer honestly was that He shouldn't..." The Spirit used that

moment to bring Robert to a point of repentance and salvation that changed his life forever.

It was at that time that Robert committed his talents to the glory of God alone. Soon,

the Lord began to open doors of opportunity for Robert to minister to people through music.

Robert has already released two nationally distributed records, with three singles hitting

the Billboard Christian AC Top 50 hit list. In addition to performing at summer festivals,

Christian fund raisers, teen camps, youth groups and schools, Robert has toured nationally

with the junior high "Believe" Tour, the inaugural "iShine" Tour and the nation’s largest

Christian tour "Winter Jam 2010." This last year, he has spent his time writing and recording

his third record, titled “I’m All In,” which is representative of Robert’s passion for not only

talking about his Christian faith, but living sold out for Christ. The project has been co-written

and produced by award winning songwriters and producers Matt Bronleewe and Jason Ingram.

Robert not only sings on this album, but wrote on 10 out of 11 songs, played guitar for the

recording, and sang back up vocals.

What an outstanding guy!
It is an honor to support such talent as this!

I will keep you posted on his new album soon to be released...
Stay tuned....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Midst of the Storm

In the midst of destruction...
hunkered down in our safe place
my daughter
asked Jesus into her heart!

It is something she has been praying about for awhile now.

Here is some more of our community...
just miles from our home.
 This use to be two story office buildings.
 A two story home over 150 years old.
 The First United Methodist Church and our operations building at the bank I work at. Normally it would have been filled with co-workers but we were sent home two hours earlier.
 This was our church home before the Lord lead us to Brook Hills. It is also where my son Dylan goes to preschool. It was normally filled with little ones getting ready to go home.
 First Baptist
 The Methodist Church- this is where Colin went to Mom's Day Out.
Old Downtown... full of history.

Don't wait for disaster to ask your self...
where would you go if you died tonight?

Tears. Lots of Tears

 "Tears. Lots of Tears" is the headlines today. This is an aerial view of my community.
Just one of many communities hit.
 This is the scene as you walk down the streets of Cullman.
 Many businesses gone including our operations building at the bank I work at.
 The Busy Bee Cafe.
 Christ Lutheran Church
 East Side Baptist Church and Cullman Christian Academy
We have trick or treated at this house with our kids for years. The house was picked up and rotated 90 degrees. What you see is the side of the house, where the front of the house should be.  
It took me a moment to realize the business in the middle was missing.
** Had to go back in here and edit this one... he,he! My mil was looking at this and she said..
"This isn't tornado damage. They gutted that awhile back!"
We all got a good laugh out of it!
Can someone please tell the people in my picutre?:)
More pictures to come.
Please keep the residents of Alabama and surrounding states in your prayers.
Pray the Lord's name will be glorified in the midst of such devastation.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter from the Gray's

Thursday, April 21, 2011

100 Good Wishes!!

For those of you who participated in the
100 Good Wishes Quilt 
Anna Li
here is the finished product!
We gave it to her for her 15th birthday.
The picture doesn't do it justice...
it turned out really nice.

Thank you so much for being part 
of such a special gift.

I am super excited about my new project brewing...

I was making 
(with the help of my oh so talented and dear friend "Flo Mama")
100 Good Wishes Quilt
to auction off 
at the 2012 Born in my Heart Auction
benefiting critically ill children
in China. 



I am making TWO:)

They are going to be just 

I can't wait to share the plans with you!!

If you would like to be apart of this 
please send me an email and I will send you more info.

I am in need of Asian Fabric!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In the Arms of Jesus

Ella Ruth Gray
February 2, 2011
5:37 am

On February 2nd, 2011 I went for my 4 month prenatal check-up. 
I was looking forward to hearing my child's heartbeat.
I was out of the 1st trimester and felt like 
I was out of the danger zone...
There was no heartbeat..
the sonogram confirmed it..
We had lost our baby a few days shy of 16 weeks.

I was admitted to the hospital,
labor was induced
and I gave birth to my little girl at 5:37am. 

She was tiny... only 2 oz and 6 inches long. 
 Tiny little feet...
Tiny little hands...

We held her in a little pink blanket 
handmade by Threads of Love.

Ella Ruth is her name.
(Ruth after my grandmother)

Only the Lord knows why...
why my baby girl had to die.

I pray that through our loss
His name will be glorified!

In memory of 
Ella Ruth Gray
we would like each of you 
to consider
making a donation to 
Love Without Boundaries

We would like donations to go to
"Mighty" Marisol
in memory of 
Ella Ruth Gray

You can learn more about this special child
** Please make sure you Note on your donation: In memory of Ella Ruth Gray**
If you do not feel comfortable making a donation online 
you can email me at:
for my mailing address
checks need to be payable to:
Love Without Boundaries.

Thank you for helping us honor Ella Ruth in such a special way!