Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 Colin and Bethany were so excited to finally meet their newest cousin
 Isn't she cute!

 Cannon, Colin, and Eli always have blast when they're together!

 Dylan is crazy about his little cousin Joel. He wants to pick him up...
 or sit on him, pin him down, and give him a big ole' kiss!

and there is always time for a little Auburn football!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A little over a year ago I clearly heard the Lord saying
"you spend too much time watching tv and not enough time with me."

I didn't want to hear that
(although I knew it was true.)
I chose to ignore it for awhile
but soon surrendered....

I called my satellite provider
I cancelled my service
(without even telling my hubby)!

Its been over a year
no satellite
no rabbit ears
just static on the tv screen
(if you were to turn it on)

Yes, we still watch a few shows on the Internet
movies from Red Box now and then
it is no longer the back ground noise in our house
it is quiet

Without the tv being a constant in our lives
we have a lot more time to grow in Christ.

a lot more time
 for Chad and I to work on our relationship as husband and wife.

a lot more time
to spend with our children

a lot more time
to just enjoy our family

I am not sure it if will stay off forever
but for now, it is clearly the best thing for us!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Year Complete

Dylan finished his first year of preschool. It took 1/2 the year to adjust. I left him everyday screaming and crying but sure enough by the end of the year he was walking in like a big boy ready to start his day. 

 Colin graduated from Kindergarten and Bethany, my sweet Bethany 
graduated from 6th grade. Good bye elementary school and hello 
middle school... oh how scary!

 So sad to see her grow up so fast 
but overjoyed to know 
that she picks wonderful Christian friends 
to share her childhood with. 
 Oh how I pray for these girls as they enter middle school together. 
Praying they continue to make good life choices, stay true to themselves, and always be a source of encouragement to each other to live a Godly life. 
After graduation the girls got to hang out with each other at the local DQ. 
So sad I had to go back to work and miss out on the fun:(

Congratulations to my precious children!!
I am so proud of each of you! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Field Day, Luau, and a Silly Kid

Part 2 of catching up!
I managed to sneak away from work long enough
to spend some time with my little man Colin
on field day.

Turns out the boy is a master hula hooper:)

His class did the cutest little P.E. dance routine
that ended with them all on the ground! 

They also had an end of the year luau. 
Colin with his on again off again
best friend
(kids are like that:))

 Colin has been very much a ladies man this year... 
all the girls have had their turn as his "girl friend" 
this year...sigh:/ 
Little did they all know his heart was with a certain 
kindergarten teacher...
that he often replied to as "hot" (oh my...)
to end this post
is the most goofiest kid ever!! 
He never wants to look at me when I take his picture.
Most of his pictures are actually blurred 
from him running away.
The boy just can't be still.

on this particular day...
He not only looked at me...
he posed.
Silly kid!